Information for Au-pairs


An Au-Pair comes to Switzerland to help the host family take care of their children and assist with the household chores. In exchange you will get a salary. You will also have the opportunity to expand your general education and culture by acquiring a better knowledge of Switzerland, as well as develop your linguistic skills in one of the official Swiss languages (depending on the place of residence of the host family: German in the Swiss German part of Switzerland for example).  The host family commits to having the Au-Pair take part in the family life, while the Au-Pair will also respect the family’s private sphere.

You will generally share the meals with the family and will get your own well-heated room, lockable and with window, normally with Internet access.

As an Au-Pair, you principally take care of the family’s children, like a baby sitter:  they have them eat their food, have them take their bath, put them to bed, play with them and make them happy :-)

Au-Pairs also generally help with household chores. Difficult household chores like hard gardening work are not part of the program and should not be asked to the Au-Pairs by the family.

Au-Pairs from EU get a residency permit for one year in Switzerland, generally renewable for one more year.

Au-Pairs from outside EU get a residency permit for one year in Switzerland, NON renewable by law.


As an Au-Pair, you will be paid Fr 700.- (approx. P 35'000 / EUR 650.-) a month for 30 hours work per week. The money will be paid to you on a post/bank account opened in Switzerland (the family will help you open the account) or paid cash by the family. Please note that the compulsory weekly cleaning / tiding up of your own room and eating time (if no work is implied) doesn't count as working time. There are no agency fees involved for you as an applicant.

You have at least one day off a week, which at least twice a month will fall on a Sunday. You have 4 weeks paid holiday a year.

You will also attend regularly a language course paid by the host family.

As an Au-Pair, you will be covered with an accident and medical insurance (the accident insurance will be covered in full and at least half of the compulsory medical insurance will be paid by the family). Should the Au-Pair need to go to a hospital during her stay, which is very expensive in Switzerland, the health insurance will cover most of the costs.

We accompany you throughout the year should any issue arise.

We try as much as possible to connect you to other Au-Pairs/Nannies so that you can go out with them during your days off.


duran ACTS have very strict selection criteria, therefore we will only accept candidates with the following profile:

  • From 20 to 25 years old for Au-Pairs outside of Europe (ex. Non-EU au-pairs have to be less than 26 years old when they arrive in Switzerland)
  • From 20 to 29 years old for Au-Pairs from Europe
  • Experience with kids, either in a medical environment (as a nurse for example), or as a nursery teacher or a regular nanny/babysitter
  • Good knowledge of English and/or German and/or French is a MUST
  • Valid passport
  • References
  • Very caring personality, very helpful and trustworthy with a true natural service orientation attitude, very proactive and responsive