Information for Applicants


Switzerland is the best place for being an au-pair or nanny. Switzerland is a very safe country!  It’s located in the very center of Europe and has borders with France, Italy, Austria and Germany. In Switzerland, there are 3 regions where people speak French, Italian or German, but they all speak a little bit of English. Switzerland is well known for its chocolate, watches, snowy mountains and beautiful lakes. Regularly Switzerland wins prizes for being the best place to live in in the world.

Being an au-pair or nanny in Switzerland is a fantastic opportunity, financially and culturally, to enrich your working experience and learn a new language. You will also have the possibility to visit the country and the rest of Europe (why not Rome, Paris, Eurodisney?) during your holidays or while travelling with the family. You will be able to skate on lakes in winter or dive in them in the summer; perhaps you will even try skiing? Biking is also very common in Switzerland; there are many cycling paths that will lead you through the countryside where you can see the cows grazing in the meadows.


We guarantee to the child-caregivers entering our program the following:

  • The applicants do not have any agency fees to pay (the agency is paid by the family, not by the applicant)
  • We accompany you throughout the year should any issue arise
  • We try as much as possible to connect you to other au-pairs/nannies so that you can go out with them during your days off