Information for Families

Information for Families

We specialize in finding for your family the most reliable Au-Pairs, Nannies, and Housekeepers who will be taking care of your little treasures who are in possession of valid work permits in Switzerland. Our goal is to make your family happy and we will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations.

  • We meet our families in person when requested and interview our Au-Pairs, Nannies, and Housekeepers personally when possible.*
  • We have many years of experience in matching and assessing candidates at all levels.
  • All our candidates undergo a rigorous selection and an extensive screening process.

* Within our "full package" services

You realize more and more that you are running after time since you have children?

  • Logistics has become the central focus of your life, and you would like to spend more quality time & with your family or with your husband?
  • You run from one kids’ activity to the other, always carrying along the little baby, dressing all the kids up with their winter jacket, gloves and hat, and it takes ages
  • You have some personal plans after the birth of your baby, like continuing a professional activity?
  • You just got a baby (or twins) and need some help because the grandparents do not live nearby ?
  • Or you simply would like to have some more room for yourself in the busy family schedule?

We know how hard it can be to reconcile couple’s and work-life balance with the new experience of having children. An au-pair or nanny at home can improve and greatly simplify your day-to-day life. It will create more time for your family and you will have more opportunities to pursue your goals or interests!

Typically, Nannies can work longer hours than an Au-Pair: Nannies work approx. 43-45 hours full-time, while the working time of an Au-Pair is limited to 30 hours/week. Therefore, a Nanny’s salary is much higher than an Au-Pair salary.

Au-Pair’s age is limited to 25 (non-European) or to 30 years old (European). The Au-Pair lives with the family, while Nannies can be live-in or live-out and are not limited by age.

Au-Pairs can be as qualified as Nannies for taking care of your kids, since we only select Au-Pairs who have experience with children. They can also have pedagogical knowledge.

Au-Pairs can assist you with household chores & while Nannies generally only take care of cleaning activities linked to the kids.

We currently offer our recruitment services for the following child care-giver categories:

  • Au-Pairs from all over Europe (Bulgaria and Romania included)
  • Live-in Nannies from Europe (EU 28, Bulgaria and Romania NON-included, due to legal requirements)
  • Live-in and live-out Nannies and Housekeepers from the Philippines but have EU passports

Should you know an Au-Pair, a Nanny or a Housekeeper we are happy to help you legalize her/him in Switzerland, by obtaining the work permit and the Visa (according to legal requirements).

What are the advantages of having a child caregiver at home:

  • Great help in your daily life: aside of taking care of your kids, an Au-Pair or a live-in Nanny from ACTS will also be able to help you in your household duties
  • High level of flexibility - you can organize your employee's working time around your needs and can change the schedule every week, if necessary
  • Experience with children!

We will share our experience of having a child caregiver at home with you: we will provide you with detailed advice on how to welcome an Au-Pair or a nanny, how to manage her, what to be aware of, check-lists etc.

There are various federal and cantonal regulations defining the Au-Pair program in Switzerland. Here are the main guidelines:

An Au-Pair comes to Switzerland to help the host family take care of their children and assist with the household chores. In exchange the Au-Pair will have the opportunity to expand her general education and culture by acquiring a better knowledge of Switzerland, as well as develop her linguistic skills in one of the official Swiss languages (depending on the place of residence of the host family: German in the Swiss German part of Switzerland for example). The host family commits to have the Au-Pair take part in their family life, while the Au-Pair will also respect the family’s private sphere.


  • The host family has at least one child
  • At least one of the parents should have good knowledge of the country language (i.e. German in the Swiss German part of Switzerland)
  • The family’s members should not have the same mother tongue like the Au-Pair
  • The Au-Pair working time is limited to 30 hours a week, 5 to 6 hours a day. The tidying up of the own room and eating time (if no work is implied) doesn't count as working time.
  • For 50% of the Au-Pair working time, one of the parents must be present in the household (home office possible!)
  • 1 day per week has to be off. At least 1 or 2 Sundays must be off in a month
  • The Au-Pair is provided with her own lockable, well heated room with window, 3 meals per day (in general shared with the family) and free access to the family home
  • The Au-Pair stay is limited by law to 1 year for au-pairs from 3rd countries, without possibility for an extension
  • The Au-Pair will attend a German course for at least 120 hours a year, paid by the family
  • The Au-Pair is entitled to 4 weeks paid holiday (5 if younger than 20)