Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the open position?
The position is an entry-level Nurse at a nursing home or at any medical institution under the Young Professionals Exchange Program between Switzerland and The Philippines.
2. What is the Stagiaires program?
This is an exchange program for any young professionals from the Philippines and also from Switzerland. Residents of both countries may be accepted for any job equivalent to their College Degree.
3. Who are qualified to apply?
For the Nurse position:
a. Filipino citizen
b. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing
c. Passed Licensure Examinations for Nurses
d. Minimum 2 years of professional experience (with certificates of employment)
e. Knowledge of German up to B1 level (with certification) or willing to undergo intensive German lessons to qualify
f. 20-35 years old
4. Who are the employers?
Mostly nursing homes in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.
5. Who is the Agency responsible in Switzerland?
duran ACTS under the service duran pflegepersonal is the licensed agency responsible in Switzerland.
6. Who is the Agency responsible in the Philippines?
The POEA-accredited agency in the Philippines is INTERNATIONAL MULTI SERVICES INC. located at3rd Floor Algen Bldg. , 1250 Edsa, Balintawak , Quezon City and the contact person will be Miss Joanna Domino.

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