Our Nannies and Au Pairs
At ACTS, we choose candidates who have good family and educational backgrounds together with a caring nature. We look into their abilities to communicate, listen, multi-task, work with minimum supervision, handle responsibilities, think critically, and make sound decisions. Situational questions, which reveal their honesty, trustworthiness, flexibility, and creativity, are staples during the recruitment process. Our candidates are thoroughly referenced checked.
We understand that every family is unique. We listen to you about the type of person you are seeking to look after your children and to assist you in running your household. We then handpick from our database only the candidates that truly match your requirements.

How to decide between hiring a Nanny or an Au Pair?

Typically, Nannies can work longer hours than an Au-Pair: Nannies work approx. 43-45 hours full-time, while the working time of an Au-Pair is limited to 30 hours/week. Therefore, a Nanny’s salary is much higher than an Au-Pair salary.
Au-Pair’s age is limited to 25 (extra-European) or to 30 years old (European). The Au-Pair lives with the family, while Nannies can be live-in or live-out and are not limited by age.

Au-Pairs can assist you with household chores while Nannies generally only take care of cleaning activities linked to the kids.
Nannies can have paid professional experience in childcare. They can also have a degree in child education. Nannies can be left to work on their own and be responsible for the children without parental supervision. In comparison, an Auu pair should be under the supervision of either the host mom or dad for at least 15 hours a week.

How will my au pair help me?
Your au pair, who will stay with you for 12 months, can help you with the following:
• Child care duties
• Light housework like ironing, doing laundry, washing dishes, tidying rooms, and cooking
• Other light house chores you assign. Your au pair’s work schedule is 30 hours a week, distributed over a maximum of 6 days.

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