ACTS recruits EU nurses and caregivers directly from Poland and Hungary as well as other EU countries. These candidates have completed Bachelor’s Degree or courses related to Nursing and Caregiving.

ACTS recruits Filipino nurses who have a good family background as well as a high standard of education. All our candidates have successfully completed the "Bachelor of Science in Nursing", this corresponds to our level DNII. In addition, they have completed, in the Philippines common national entrance examination, which guarantees the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills learned in the field. They have studied German in language schools and have certificates of passing B2 level. All our candidates have at least one year of professional experience in hospitals and clinics.

We give great importance to ensuring that our candidates practice their profession with joy and have an open and open-minded spirit. This together with a patient and caring disposition allow them a loving and respectful relationship with both the elderly, as well as people with a disability. Our nurses and caregivers treat the elderly with a great deal of respect.

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